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The Wedding Soup Murder
Italian Kitchen Mystery #2
Rosie Genova

September 2, 2014/ ISBN 0451415159
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Be careful what you wish for: Victoria Rienzi is now making 1000 meatballs for a wedding. Vic wanted her grandmother (known as Nonna) to give her a little more responsibly in the family restaurant Casa Lido. She is taking time away from writing her beloved detective series starring Bernardo Vitale to learn the family business and write a history of the family. The meatballs have to be delivered to Belmont Beach Country Club to go with Nonna's famous Wedding Soup. The soup was requested by a dear friend for his daughter's wedding. Vic will have to deal with a bridezilla, temperamental chefs, her ex-boyfriend and a power hungry country club president who is found dead on the beach.

Things to ponder: What was Elizabeth Merriman doing on the beach in the middle of the night? Why is Dr. Chickie going to be kicked out of the Belmont Beach Country Club? Was Elizabeth's death an accident or was she pushed? Does Nonna know Elizabeth?

Rosie Genova has served up another tasty read with The Wedding Soup Murder. This story is well crafted and I found myself turning those pages so I could find out whodunit. The author has included some yummy recipes. My mouth is already watering for the next book in this delicious series, A Dish Best Served Cold, which will be out in fall of 2015. So if you like your mystery filled with gastronomic delights then you should be reading The Wedding Soup Murder.

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