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A Wee Murder in My Shop
ScotShop Mystery #1
Fran Stewart

3/3/2015/ ISBN 9780425270318
Mystery / Cozy / Paranormal / Ghost

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


A Wee Murder in My Shop has Peggy Winn discovering her as-of-this-very-minute former fiancé Mason in bed with her as-of-this-very-minute former best friend, Andrea. Peggy’s real best friend Karaline recommends she just kill Mason and be done with it. Humor between friends comes true after Peggy returns from a business trip to find Mason dead in her Vermont ScotShop. As Thirty-year-old Peggy loses one companion she gains another – well, sort of. During her trip to Scotland, Peggy has a supernatural experience. She brings someone home with her, and he doesn’t need a ticket to fly. Peggy’s employees and friends aren’t aware of her new companion - not yet, anyway, but they do notice she’s mumbling a lot. The murder mystery brings the dark-eyed Officer Harper to Peggy’s shop - the very officer Peggy would love to see in a kilt. Peggy and Officer Harper work together to solve the murder but Peggy discovers Dirk, her Fourteenth Century Scotsman is a Spector full of wisdom and deduction.

A Wee Murder in My Shop is chocked full of humor and memorable characters. Dirk’s fourteenth century character is charming. I can’t wait to see his story unfold during the series. Peggy is a hoot; everyone should have a bestie like her. The tongue-in-cheek moments between Peggy (Peigi) and Dirk are laugh-out-loud funny. Lucky for us, Stewart keeps the humor on a roll throughout the storyline, even the last page leaves you with a smile. I predict the Scotshop series will be an addictive one. I’m not sure I can wait a whole year for the next in series…

Fran Stewart also writes the Biscuit McKee Mystery series.

Reviewed 2015