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Why Kings Confess
Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery #9
C S Harris

Penguin Group
3/4/2014/ ISBN 9780451417558
Historical Mystery / Regency England / January 1813

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


French physician, Damion Pelletan, is found murdered and mutilated. The French woman with [Alexandrie (Alexi) Sauvage] was knocked unconscious and doesn’t remember the attack. Soon a second Frenchman is murder and mutilated. The killings are considered attacks by common thieves, so there is no investigation. Sebastian St Cyr lives and breathes conspiracy, he believes there is more to it and sets off to solve the murders. Sebastian moves from England’s poorest areas to the richest in search of suspects and clues. He interviews England’s aristocrats as well as French royalty exiled to England and now living in poverty. He finds everyone is willing to tell him anything and everything -- except the truth.

In this mystery, Sebastian also keeps a concerned eye on his friend and surgeon, Paul Gibson. Gibson is caring for Alexi. Sebastian met her during war time and holds an intense dislike for her, with good reason. Sebastian also grows concerned for his wife, Hero nine months pregnant they find her current condition could be fatal to either her or the baby. It certainly has Sebastian coming to grips with his true feelings.

Why Kings Confess is packed with politics, treachery, secrets and danger. Sebastian’s nobility, money, and lethal attitude tend to dissuade criminals from wanting to harm him or his family but there are those either desperate or ignorant enough to try and that’s when the action really begins…

I really enjoy settling down to a new St Cyr mystery. The series is so well written; the historical atmosphere, clever dialogue and strong characters take me away from it all. Hero is a strong, modern female who knows what she wants in life. Sebastian may be rich, intelligent, honorable, and loyal but he’s far from perfect especially when it comes to forgiving others, as Alexi and Sebastian’s father can attest to. If you’re looking for an intelligent Regency England mystery try Why Kings Confess.

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