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Wicked Stitch
An Embroidery Mystery #8
Amanda Lee

Obsidian Mystery
April 7, 2015 / ISBN 045146740X
Mystery - Cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


The Renaissance Faire is coming to Tallulah Falls, Oregon. All the merchants are looking forward to having booths at the RenFaire and gaining more business and exposure. That is all of them except Marcy Singer, who has the booth next to her nemesis Nellie Davis and her sister Clara. These sisters are determined to put Marcy's shop The Seven Year Stitch out of business. Clara has even rented to shop next to Marcy and is selling the same type of supplies that Marcy sells. Clara has even duplicated Marcy's store layout. She stole Marcy's new customer by giving her the items for free.

Marcy takes her mom's advice and heads to the fair grounds to see how Nellie and Clara have set up their booths. This way she will make her booth even better when she sets up in the morning. Strange, neither Nellie nor Clara are around. Angus, her dog, pulls Marcy through the curtains into Clara's booth where she sees an overturned rocking chair and what looks like Clara's body on the ground. Marcy calls her boyfriend Police Detective Ted Nash to come. He tells her not to move or touch anything. Marcy thinks Clara might be dead. The EMT's and Ted arrive and determine that Clara is dead. Possibly strangled with the scarf she is knitting. Nellie gets Ted pulled off the case so he and Marcy will have to solve this murder on the down low. Marcy had better be careful because she knows how much trouble a dropped stitch can be.

Things to ponder: Why does Nellie hate Marcy? Who will get custody of Chloe? Why wasn't Nellie at the fair ground? What did the sisters argue about? Will Angus get a pet of his very own?

Like a fine wine, this series gets better with each new book. The book does not disappoint. The plotting is exceptional and this soon became a page turner of a read for me. Cozy mystery readers will enjoy spending time with Marcy and the gang solving this crime. The next book in this delightful series will be out in November 2015. Be on the lookout for: The Stitching Hour. So, if you enjoy a mystery with lots of interesting threads, then you should be reading Wicked Stitch.

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