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Wild Storm
Derrick Storm #5
Richard Castle

Blackstone Audio Inc
4/14/2015/ ISBN 9781478986287
Thriller / Spy / CIA / Audiobook – Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Derrick Storm is heading home after a much needed vacation in the Swiss Alps. He boards a plane, still wearing his hiking boots, and stores his gear overhead. His much needed rest is short lived when he hears a sound no one wants to hear on a plane. Storm is a spy who works for the government, and he’s learned a lot about survival. He teams with the pilot and saves the day. The pilot tells him three other planes have gone down. Storm is certain it’s terrorism. He heads to Langley Virginia and what he has dubbed “The Cubby,” a home to the elite spy unit created by Jedidiah Jones. This group of spies are considered Ghosts in the CIA. Also, in the series are Agents Bryan and Rodriquez. Storm, Jones, Bryan, and Rodriquez go over the details of the airplane crashes - four different airplanes from four different countries. Storm doesn’t think it’s the planes themselves, but something on the ground, or someone. His hunch takes him around the globe as he searches for the source behind the first group of plane crashes, as well as the second group in the Arabian Desert.

Wild Storm is a suspense-filled storyline. Wild Storm is written by a fictitious character from the popular Castle show on TV. What made me smile was the narration of Audie Award winner Robert Petkoff; he sounds like the TV character Richard Castle. I enjoyed listening to Wild Storm with my husband. We even stopped the audio from time to time to discuss the storyline. If you’re looking for a thriller full of action and humor, minus the graphic gore and language, you’ll enjoy the Derrick Storm series.

Reviewed 2015