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A Mysterious Detective Mystery #1
E. J. Copperman

Crooked Lane Books
June 14, 2016 / ISBN 978-1-62953-599-9
Mystery/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Rachel Goldman writes mysteries for a living. Her protagonist is one Duffy Madison, a consultant to the county prosecutor. He assists in finding missing persons, and has a phenomenal success rate. Rachel gets a strange phone call from a man asking her to meet with him. His name? Duffy Madison! Obviously a nut job who thinks he's her character, come to life. Right? Well, yes. He does. He thinks Rachel created him and brought him into reality!

This Duffy Madison also works with the county prosecutor's office, helping to find missing persons. Only in this real world (outside of Rachel's books that is) someone is kidnapping and murdering female mystery authors, and not only does Duffy want Rachel to help him figure this out and save the latest kidnapping victim, it looks like Rachel could be next in line to be taken and killed!

Confused yet? Don't worry, you won't be for long once you get into this highly amusing mystery from E. J Copperman. Copperman manages to spell things out clearly, helps you keep the various characters where they should be in the story, lays out red herrings, a little romance, and a slew of quips that will keep you turning pages well past your bed time. Yes, this book is that good!

Copperman's style in this book, and particularly his Rachel Goldman character, bring to mind the renowned M. C. Beaton's "Agatha Raisin." This is an auspicious start to a series I hope will be long lived, and prosperous for Mr. Copperman!

Reviewed 2016