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The 15th Affair
Women’s Murder Club #15
James Patterson &Maxine Paetro
Read by January LaVoy

Hachette Audio
May 2, 2016/ ISBN 1478962739
Detective / Suspense / Audio CD / Abridged edition

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


The 15th Affair begins with an illicit affair, a murder, and a missing woman. Detective Lindsay Boxer is going over the results of her last case (The 14th Deadly Sin), and hoping that nightmare is finally over, when she’s called to the Four Seasons about a murder. When Lindsay gets there she’s faced with not one but two murder scenes. Meanwhile, back at home, Lindsey’s neighbor/babysitter is working double duty because Joe, Lindsey’s husband, is missing in action. Lindsey and her partner Richie Conklin eventually get video and pictures from the hotel. The Intel gives Lindsey a lead in the case -- and Joe’s whereabouts. Should she keep quiet or confess all to her partner? Who comes first, the man she loves or her job? And to add even more chaos to her life, Lindsey, is once again a moving target, dodging bullets, and it’s not about her recent case. It’s worse.

The 15th Affair is full of action, twists and turns. A full day slipped away, and I didn’t even notice it as I witnessed Lindsay Boxer and her husband fighting to stay true to their lives, their marriage and their jobs. The 15th Affair isn’t about the Women’s Murder Club; it’s about Lindsay, Joe and murder. The WMC ladies show up here and there throughout the storyline and it’s usually just when Lindsay needs them. I call it BFF intuition. I wonder if the changes affecting Joe’s job is Patterson’s way of expanding the series. Is it possible the WMC will have contacts even higher up for their cases? What about Joe and Lindsay? The 15th Affair is a storyline powerful enough to jerk you out of reality then slam you right back in when you realize there is a cliff hanger.

The audio version of The 15th Affair is a must listen. The action and suspense comes alive with the Award-winning voice artist and narrator January LaVoy.

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Reviewed 2016