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A Guid Soldier
Short Story
Charles Todd
Read by Graham Halstead

Hachette Audio
September 6, 2016/ ISBN
Mystery / Historical / England / War / Audiobook - Unabridged / ShortStory

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Charles Todd does an excellent job of setting up a twenty-four minute short story. Narrator Graham Halstead delivers a chilling account of what British soldiers suffered during War.

A Guid Soldier takes place before A Test of Wills. Ian Rutledge is in charge of a few good men and one he is not so sure of. It begins with Rutledge writing a letter to the family of a fallen soldier. His mind goes back to his men and one new recruit, young Dougal Kerr, a soldier who loves taking a good shot. It’s an emotionally charged storyline with a dark ending.

At first, I considered it to be just another typical war story until I reached the end. Rutledge’s revelation is a harsh reminder of that War. It left me speechless.

Reviewed 2016