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Akin To Murder
Inspector Faro – Book XVIII
Alanna Knight

Allison and Busby
21 January 2016 / ISBN 9780749019198

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Edinburgh in 1864 and Detective Sergeant Faro is feeling rather pleased about life. He is married with a fine stepson and a baby on the way, and has an interesting job. Currently this is made more interesting by the escape of murderer John McLaw, who was on his way to the gallows. Now, although there are constant sightings of him, he seems to have effectively vanished. Faro also has to deal with the housekeeper of his former boss, who has a tale to tell about the strange deaths of two elderly sisters and their missing maid. Then everything goes wrong at home and Faro finds himself having to break the law…

I have read every one of these books and the series never shows signs of tiring. Ms Knight recently reinvented it by going back to Faro's early years on the force, a great idea. She knows how to keep the pages turning with several plot strands and the entertaining ongoing story of Faro and his family. There is also the background of Edinburgh in the 1860s to enjoy, a time when the old was being swept away and much new building was going on, as well as social reforms. The medical profession as we know it was in its infancy, and so were detectives. Some of this author's books have a supernatural element, but this book does not and it does not need it. As with the best Sherlock Holmes stories, there is a fine sense of the bizarre, and of the sort of things that could possibly happen turning life upside down. This is not a long book, and there is always something exciting going on, slightly marred only by a very abrupt ending. If you haven't read any of the earlier entries, don't start with this one, as part of the enjoyment is reading about the characters. A series not to miss for all historical mystery buffs.

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