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Ashley Bell
Dean Koontz

December 8, 2015 / ISBN978-0345545961
Psychological Mystery, Thriller & Suspense (also: Paranormal Suspense / Fantasy )

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Bibi Blair is a young and beautiful author, the daughter of laid-back surfer parents whom she lives with in Corona del Mar, California. She is engaged to Paxton Thorpe, a Navy SEAL who is on a covert mission. Bibi's world is shaken when she is suddenly diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, and falls into a coma. She wakes up a day later, seeing a man and a dog beside her hospital bed, and believes that they cured her. She later realizes she was saved because she has a new mission in life: to save a young girl names Ashley Bell who, she learns, has been kidnapped by a neo-Nazi and his followers.

Bibi was taught by her grandfather, the "Captain," to forget the terrible things that have happened to her, especially the nightmarish creatures of her youth. But as Bibi searches for Ashley Bell, the events she tried to forget come back in bits and pieces, and often just as frightening as when they first occurred. All too soon, Bibi realizes that someone is trying to kill her before she can save Ashley Bell.

Dean Koontz has written a complex and suspenseful novel, told by a combination of flashbacks to Bibi's youth. We learn that several characters Bibi has met are hostile to her, though the reason behind that hostility is rarely apparent. Many times I became confused, but Koontz has written such a psychological novel that I could not set the book aside. I needed to know why Bibi is so driven to find the missing girl, Ashley Bell, and I often admired Bibi's strength and determination. Of course, as with all Dean Koontz's novels, the ending has a surprising twist that is both confusing and thrilling. This is one book that will make you think long after the last page is read.

Reviewer Notes: Dean Koontz is the author of many #1 New York Times bestsellers. Book contains some swearing language.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
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