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Blood Salt Water
Alex Morrow #5
Denise Mina
Read by Cathleen McCarron

Little, Brown and Company
12/01/2015/ ISBN 1478962062
Suspense / Scotland / Woman Detective

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Glasgow Detective Inspector Alex Morrow is a strongminded detective. She knows her own heart, and doesn’t let the fact her brother is a gangster serving time or any other situation around her, define her. Once she becomes obsessed with a case, she goes to the deepest depths to solve it. In this storyline, Morrow is obsessed with Roxanna Fuentecilla, a woman possible involved in money laundering. Fuentecilla comes up missing and Morrow follows the trail to Helensburgh. Morrow and her partner, Detective Constable Howard McgGrain head to the low-key seaside town. Helensburgh is supposed to be a cheery seaside town but as we learn more about the locals we realize there is an underlying darkness about it. Once Morrow’s in Helensburgh she follows the path of Fuentecilla that is until a body floats to the top of the Loch Lomond. Now, her case load has doubled. Morrow and McGrain pull out all the stops to identify the victim and find Fuentecilla.

Mina’s characters are so imperfect and often times dark. Blood Salt Water begins with two thugs murdering a young woman and dumping her body. It’s a disturbingly descriptive chapter; Mina is brilliant at graphic scenes and dark characters. She wants you to know the deepest darkness in these guys, no matter how explicit and shocking it reads. As difficult as chapter one is to read, it is the shining light how well Mina writes.

Blood Salt Water is crime novel full of compelling characters, strong language and intense scenes. The storyline takes different directions but lines up at the end. Fairwarning, the Alex Morrow Series is not for the faint of heart.

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