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Cancelled by Murder
Postmistress Mystery #2
Jean Flowers

Berkley Prime Crime
September 6, 2016/ ISBN 978-0-425-27911-3
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Cassie Miller is the postmistress in her hometown of North Ashcot, Massachusetts. She’s been back in town long enough to have already been involved in solving one murder case, to have reestablished some old friendships, and to have found herself a new boyfriend, Quinn Martindale, an antiques dealer.

It’s August now, and a big storm has just brewed it’s way right through North Ashcot, and although most of the town is undamaged, there is a victim. The local fabric shop owner, Daisy Harmon, is dead, and at first it appears that a fallen branch killed her. Soon, however, it’s discovered that Daisy was murdered. Who would want to murder Daisy and why? Her husband Cliff doesn’t trust the police to solve the crime; in fact, he may even be a suspect. Cliff asks Daisy to help him crack the case, even if it goes against direct orders from her best friend, Police Chief Sunni Smargon. Cassie is reluctantly drawn into the case, and even uses some of her postal investigation training to sort through the suspects and clues.

This is the type of cozy mystery that satisfies my craving for a small town full of run of the mill characters who prove to have their own unique personalities and quirks that bring them to life. The mystery is well written and the clues laid out in an orderly and yet not obvious fashion. There are enough suspects and possible motives that this could have gone any of several ways.

If you are looking for a captivating cozy to keep you turning page after page, you won’t want to miss Cancelled by Murder. It’s fine as a stand-alone, but while you are at the bookstore, or ordering online, you can’t go wrong with picking up the first book in the series, Death Takes Priority, while you are at it. Highly recommended!

Reviewed 2016