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Cascading Lies
D.R. Willis

August 5, 2015 / ISBN 9781491773635
Mystery /Thriller

Reviewed by Jen Oliver


Cascading Lies introduces readers to Nick Davis, a man who attempts to leave his past, but his past doesn't want to leave him. As Nick tries to get away from what seems to be a family curse, he meets a woman, Jane, who seems to have as much of a troubled life and as many deep secrets as Nick.

Nick's characterization is subtle, and readers learn about him in his interactions with his past and with Jane. The romance between Nick and Jane is similar to two people who are attracted to each other for the safety of being with someone to help them get past whatever is holding them back in their lives. It isn't forced and seems natural.

Overall, Cascading Lies is a decent thriller with enough twists and turns to keep readers interested. It has enough romance to make it enjoyable and personable but not turn it into a romantic novel.

Reviewed 2016