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The Case of Lisandra P.
Helene Gremillon

Penguin Books
January 12, 2016 / ISBN 9780143126584

Reviewed by Jen Oliver

Note:sexual content

The Case of Lisandra P. introduces readers to Eva Maria, who has her set out for clearing her psychoanalyst, Vittorio Puig, who has been accused of killing his wife, Lisandra. Eva Maria goes through his notes and recording sessions, and visits him in jail trying to figure out if he had actually killed Lisandra and to focus on his alibi. While doing so, Eva Maria is forced to face her own hurtful past.

The Case of Lisandra P. is told in an unconventional way in the beginning from different characters' perspectives. It is a little confusing until you find the rhythm, and then it's enjoyable. The mystery of who actually killed Lisandra is not resolved until the end, and it is a surprising plot twist. It was interesting to see the lengths to which a character will go. There is some strong sexual content that might make some readers uncomfortable.

Overall, The Case of Lisandra P. is a great, quick-paced mystery that held this reader's attention to the very end. It is an interesting look at a psychoanalyst's personal and professional life and just how impaired some people are in dealing with every day things. Highly recommend for readers who enjoy psychological looks at characters and mysteries.

Reviewed 2016