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Cat with a Clue
A Bookmobile Cat #5
Laurie Cass

August 2, 2016/ ISBN 978-0-451-47655-5
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Librarian Minnie Hamilton is back in the sleuthing game. This time, she's discovered the body of a woman inside the Chilson library. The woman was a visitor to town, who had come for a family funeral. Why was this woman in the library and who killed her there? How, when, and why are all questions Minnie intends to find answers to.

Then a break-in occurs in the library book sale room, then another in the bookmobile garage, and yet a third at Older Than Dirt, a local store featuring both new and old items for sale. It soon becomes apparent that the break-ins are being done by someone in search of a valuable book. Is this person also the killer? Minnie and her cat/sidekick Eddie are hot on the trail!

“Cat with a Clue” was such a fun read. I enjoyed visiting with Minnie, Eddie, Aunt Frances and the rest of the quirky small town characters. The mystery is clever, and the list of Minnie's suspects believable.

Anytime there's a mystery with a librarian, a bookmobile, a cat, and book involved in the case, I'm a happy reader. When it's especially well written, humorous and warm, I'm thrilled. I wholeheartedly recommend “Cat with a Clue” to all cozy mystery buffs.

Reviewed 2016