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Crime and Poetry
Magical Bookshop #1
Amanda Flower

April 5, 2016/ ISBN 9780451477446
Mystery / Cozy / Paranormal /Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


In a mad dash, Violet Waverly has gone to her hometown of Cascade Springs, New York, after a summons from her Grandma Daisy saying that she's dying and needs her. Well it seems Grandma Daisy pulled a fast one on her, deciding it was the only way to get Violet to return to the town she ran far, far away from twelve years before. Grandma Daisy is determined that Violet come home and stay home, and take her rightful place as Caretaker of the magical birch tree which grows in the center of her Charming Books bookshop.

After Grandma Daisy's gentleman friend, carriage driver Benedict Raisin, is murdered, and Grandma Daisy becomes a suspect, circumstances conspire further to keep the reluctant Violet in town until the killer is found and until the town’s “Two Hundred Years of Cascade Springs” gala is over and done with.

During her extended visit (you'll have to read the book yourself to find out if Violet decides to stay longer), Violet makes new friends and encounters old ones. There is romance in the form of the decidedly too-hot-for-Violet's-own-good police chief, David Rainwater, and in the renewed attentions of her former high school boyfriend, now the mayor, Nathan Morton. Best of all, Violet inherits a highly intelligent cat, Emerson, who belonged to murder victim Benedict. Hey, Grandma Daisy has her pet crow, Faulkner, so it's only fair the Violet get the cat, right? Emerson certainly seems to have chosen her!

I confess that I had a great deal of anticipation that this would be a wonderful book and was certain I would love it. I would have been so let down and disappointed had it not been just that—a WONDERFUL BOOK!!

I loved every chapter, page, word, character, plotline and character. It takes a lot for a seasoned mystery reader like myself to be completely befuddled as to the killer's identity and motive. I couldn't have asked for more and simply cannot wait for the next book in the series! I'd love to be able to read it in the magical fairy children's loft in Charming Books itself! Super-duper-magicaliciously recommended!

Reviewer Note: The author also writes the Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries under the name Isabella Alan

Reviewed 2016