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Curtains For Miss Plym
A Mary McGill Canine Mystery – Book II
Kathleen Delaney

Severn House
31 December 2015 / ISBN 9780727885746
Mystery/Cozy / Holiday: Easter

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Mary McGill is helping to organize a church jumble sale when she finds a body -- the body of sweet old lady Emilie Plym. Miss Plym was a wealthy dementia sufferer who lived in a large Victorian house. She was cared for by a live-in married couple and was being visited by relations. It is murder rather than misadventure, but whodunit?

This is the second in the series about Mary and her cocker spaniel, Millie. Like many cozies, part of the enjoyment is reading about the small town setting (here in California) where everybody knows everybody else and their business. Readers of the Ellen McKenzie series will enjoy checking out the adventures of her aunt, and with the new series there is a canine theme rather than real estate. Mary is a likeable older lady who tirelessly helps out at charity events and in all sorts of other places (this time the pet store), so is in a good position for sleuthing. If you fancy a change from the sexy cops, interfering mothers, and the wackiness found in a lot of cozies, this series will be a breath of fresh air. What this book could use -- unlike the first in the series -- is either more plot or a good editor, as it is quite long and repetitive in parts where the plot treads water. If this is ironed out, it has all the makings of a fine series.

Reviewed 2016