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Death at First Sight
Bay Island Psychic Mystery #1
Lena Gregory

Berkley Prime Crime
November 1, 2016/ ISBN 978-0425282748
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuths/Supernatural/Psychics

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Cass Donovan returns to her hometown of Bay Island, leaving her New York psychiatric practice and a cheating ex-husband behind in New York, to open her new shop, Mystical Musings. Cass believes she isn’t really psychic, but when she experiences a sudden blackness while doing a reading for Ellie Callahan, she recalls the last time that happened, a death followed. Since Ellie’s husband, Jay, is a bully, Cass fears for Ellie’s safety. Later, Ellie’s mother, Marge, publicly confronts Cass, warning her to stay away from her daughter.

The following morning, Cass heads for the local theater, intent on helping her friend, Bee, a clothing designer, prepare for his upcoming fashion show. After she finds Marge’s lifeless body in the orchestra pit, Chief Langdon arrives and, aware of their earlier argument, considers Cass his main suspect. Cass’s friend and old schoolmate, Stephanie, and her husband, Tank, tell Cass not to worry. Bee agrees, adding that there are enough people who wouldn’t mind Marge being out of the picture. But when Chief Langdon continues his attempts to prove her guilty, Cass becomes determined to find the real killer, thus putting her own life in jeopardy.

I love paranormal mysteries, and although Cass believes she’s not psychic in the traditional sense, she is intuitive and her experience as a psychiatrist helps her to “read” people. Cass is a strong, believable main character who cares deeply about people. Miss Gregory’s other characters, Stephanie and Tank, are easy to fall in love with, but Bee is my favorite. He’s a big-hearted man who shies away from anything psychic, thus adding humor to the intriguing plot. Then there’s Luke, a mysterious and sexy stranger who makes Cass’s knees turn to mush.

I thoroughly enjoyed Death at First Sight and can’t until the next release in what promises to be an outstanding series.

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