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Dial QR For Murder
Marjorie Gardens Mystery - Book I
A E H Veenman

Limitless Publishing
23 September 2015/ ISBN 9781680582994

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Isis Ferrelli is a young Boston attorney with a secret - her mob connections. She thought that she had turned her back on her family, but now her uncle Louis wants her back and working on his behalf. Her current client is one Norman Kane, accused of using a QR code he had created to steal a medical drug. But when he is murdered, the case takes on a new dimension. Now Isis must turn sleuth herself, with the aid of her online alter ego, Marjorie Gardens, from her crime blog and discover not only who killed Kane, but who set him up for the theft.

Anybody who thinks that cozies are about small towns, cakes and cats ought to check out this new series. Mob bosses, big city law firms and computer programming are not common themes in this type of story, but this makes it all the more interesting. I confess to not fully understanding about QR codes, but this aside, there is plenty in here to appeal to both cozy fans and readers of other types of crime novel. Read this book for some excellent descriptions of the various locations, a convoluted and involving plot, a shot of romance with the case’s prosecutor and the author’s own knowledge of legal matters. That is a lot to cram into a novel and it works, providing the reader with a satisfying novel that manages to be well written, involving and cozy. A series to watch.

Reviewed 2016