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The Diva Serves High Tea
Domestic Diva Mystery #10
Krista Davis

Berkley Prime Crime
June 7, 2016/ ISBN 978-0-425-28265-6
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, is home to a new business. The Parlour serves tea and crumpets and other goodies, and seems poised to be the place to see and been seen for the small towns ladies who take tea. Across the street is another new business, Robert Johnson Antiques, and the owner is also a hit with the ladies. Until, that is, he is poisoned to death with botulism! Since he'd eaten at The Parlour, the shop is shut down while the investigation begins. Was it a tragic accident or was Robert Johnson the victim of a brutal murder?

There's a lot going on in this 10th entry in the Domestic Diva Mystery Series. Mars and Natasha have separated. Someone is attacking women – including Natasha! Sophie has plenty of work and events to plan, but she can't help but be drawn into investigating what's going on in town. After another death, this one obviously a homicide, things become even more complicated. Why would both victims say the name “Rosie” with their dying breaths?

I love so many things about this series. I've read each book and could easily reread and enjoy them all again. There's something about the main characters that really reaches me. Natasha drives me up the wall, and in this story, I learned more about her and why she is the way she is. I felt some sympathy for her! Sophie is kind, tender-hearted and smart. The other usual gang about Old Town are familiar and comfortable to read about. The domestic advice letters that Sophie and Natasha answer in alternating chapters are hilarious. Natasha’s usual high-handed, hoity-toity answers are always contradicted by Sophie's answers, which are down to earth and usually spot on.

It's nice that animals play no small part as well. Pet dogs, rescue animals, all members of the family. There's a young boy in this book as well, by the name of Kevin. He is utterly adorable and charming and I hope he appears in future books.

This is a real winner in a series of fun and entertaining books. Somehow Krista Davis keeps it real and manages to get better and better with each new book. It is my sincere hope that she keeps writing about Sophie, Natasha, Mars, Daisy, Bernie, Nina and the others for years and years to come! I am addicted to Krista Davis books!

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Reviewed 2016