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Eclair and Present Danger (Review 2)
Emergency Dessert Squad #1
Laura Bradford

June 7, 2016 / ISBN 9780425280898
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuths

Reviewed by Katrina Wiese


Eclair and Present Danger, by Laura Bradford, is the first book in a new series! We are quickly introduced to Winnie Johnson, a bakery owner on the verge of closing her doors, when she inherits not only a cat named Lovey, who despises her and doesn't miss a chance to hiss at her and show her disdain, but also inherits a fully-restored, vintage ambulance. Due to the quirky inheritance and lack of cash she was hoping for, she is forced to close the doors of her bakery. Upon making her final delivery, a delectable peach pie, to her elderly neighbor, Bart, she finds him on the floor, seemingly smothered to death by a pillow. Now Winnie feels compelled to find the truth about the murder of her friend while starting up her newly founded bakery business run out of the vintage ambulance. Thus the Emergency Dessert Squad is born!

With Eclair and Present Danger we are served up a twist on the ever popular dessert-themed cozy mysteries. The entire theme around this series is inventive and original. I was first drawn to the beautiful cover, but I was doubting whether the story line would stand up to scrutiny. I couldn't have been more wrong! The story line was very imaginative and well written. The characters were enduring and fun. Although I did peg the "whodunit" of this story, I was left second guessing my suspect list right up until the end. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Don't forget to check the back of the book for some delicious recipes to rescue the loved ones in your own life! Overall, Eclair and Present Danger is a fun and unique cozy mystery, and I can't wait to get my hands on the next in this series, Silence of the Flans, coming in March of 2017!

Reviewer Notes: Writes the Amish Mysteries and Jenkins & Burns Mysteries. Writes the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries as Elizabeth Lynn Casey.

Reviewed 2016