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A Fatal Inheritance
Burren Mystery #13
Cora Harrison

Severn House
27 November 2015 / ISBN 9780727885661

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde



Unpopular Clodagh O'Lochlainn has been found dead one misty morning in a very unusual manner. Tied to an ancient stone statue of the old god of evil she has obviously not died of natural causes, but was it a mortal hand or that of the pagan deity that did the deed? It is up to Mara the Brehon to discover whodunit along with her law students, preferably before her fiftieth birthday celebrations.

I always find a lot to enjoy in these Burren mysteries. Firstly the unusual setting, which shows how very different Brehon law was to English law, but also the characters themselves and the twisty plot. There are a lot of suspects here as the dead woman was universally unpopular, so Mara and her group have their work cut out for them interviewing everybody and sifting truth from lies. The author also weaves in plenty of descriptions of the beautiful surroundings and as usual we get to learn a fair bit about life in early 16th century Ireland. As with all series part of the enjoyment is in catching up with the lives of the characters, and the ones in this series are largely likeable and entertaining as well as interesting. These mysteries are not grim and gritty but veer towards the cozy end of the spectrum so combine a relaxing reading experience with a good plot, well-researched background and plenty of imagination. Long may the series run.

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Reviewed 2015