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Flesh and Blood
Kay Scarpetta #22
Patricia Cornwell

William Morrow
January 5, 2016 / IBSN 9780062391681
Suspense / Crime Scene Investigators /Forensic Scientists

Reviewed by Jen Oliver


Patricia Cornwell has done it again and has created another Kay Scarpetta mystery that draws readers immediately. Kay and her husband, Benson, were supposed to head down to Miami for Kay's birthday but when pennies mysteriously showed up in their backyard and a murder occurs in their neighborhood, they have no choice but to postpone the trip and attempt to figure out what is going on.

Cornwell's characterization of Scarpetta continues to stay on point, which a lot of authors are not able to hold on to over the years. Flesh and Blood has the usual characters-Marino and Lucy, who each have their own input in what is going on with what turns out to possibly be a serial murderer. Scarpetta is shown to be vulnerable and it works well in Flesh and Blood. It was nice to see that even the greatest can face what is closest to them and get through it.

Flesh and Blood is a fun and intense read. Scarpetta and Marino's interactions continue to be amusing and productive. Scarpetta's issues with her staff seem realistic and anyone can relate. The murder mystery is well plotted and does not leave readers feeling like they need something more described.

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