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The Girls In the High-Heeled Shoes
Alexander Brass Mysteries – Book II
Michael Kurland

Titan Books
23 February 2016 / ISBN-13: 9781783295388

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


New York World's top writer, the urbane Alexander Brass, and his sidekick Morgan DeWitt are on the trail of a missing woman. Two-Headed Mary can usually be found collecting for a charity outside the Broadway theatres, but nobody knows where she is, or do they? Also missing are chorus girls Billie Trask and Lydia Laurent from the hit show Lucky Lady, along with a large sum of money. The intrepid pair are soon dealing with more than one dead body, a total that is set to rise…

This is the sequel to Too Soon Dead (also reviewed on this site), and now the scene of New York in 1935 has been set the fun can really start, and start it certainly does. Once again Kurland has evoked the world shown in black and white films; the world of the Depression with people down but most assuredly not out. Broadway shows, grifters, oil barons and nightclubs filled with famous people make up the New York inhabited by the innocent but energetic Morgan and his sophisticated boss. This is all described in an almost tactile way by narrator Morgan, up from the country and feeling lucky to be a part of such a full-blooded time and place. This is a real page turner in what is shaping up to be one of the more enjoyable (and best written) new historical mystery series, but still for me the best thing is being able to read such an evocative description of a time and place. The next best thing to being there, I look forward to the next case.

1st in series: Too Soon Dead

Reviewed 2016