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Give up the Ghost
A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery (#6)
Juliet Blackwell

December 1, 2015 / ISBNISBN 978-0451465818
Mystery / Supernatural / Ghosts

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


General contractor Mel Turner is asked by San Francisco millionaire Andrew Stirling to rid his new Victorian house of ghosts who are quite upset with the recent renovation of the Victorian abode and are running off potential buyers. Andrew is told by realtors that Mel has experience ridding homes of spectral visitors. He reveals that Chantelle, a psychic, suggested Andrew find the original architectural pieces that were removed from the house to appease the ghosts. To learn more, Mel phones and sets up a meeting with Chantelle, but when Mel arrives at the psychic's home, Chantelle's brother is kneeling over her dead body.

Thus starts the mystery of who killed the psychic, but this fast-paced plot is no mere cozy. Mel faces danger as she tries to locate the missing architectural elements, deal with a rental her friend Luz asks her to "cleanse" and find more than a few potential suspects who add depth to an already excellent plot. Could the killer have been someone who would gain millions from the sale of the house? Or was Chantelle killed because she was into blackmail? Mel's family members, Mel's friend Homicide Inspector Annette Crawford, and Chantelle's brother, Professor Landon Demetrius III, all add excellent dimensions to this intriguing and refreshing plot.

Juliet Blackwell (pseudonym) is a New York Times bestselling author who has experience renovating beautiful historic homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She resides in a haunted house in Oakland, California, so it's no wonder her series is so engaging and realistic. Her descriptions of the San Francisco area are spot on visual images, and her knowledge of construction techniques brings an added depth. Give up the Ghost is an outstanding mystery and exciting page-turner, replete with angry ghosts and murderers, and one that held me spellbound.

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