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Grilling the Subject
Cookbook Nook #5
Daryl Gerber Wood

August 2, 2016/ ISBN 9780425279410
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuths

Reviewed by Katrina Wiese


Welcome back to Crystal Cove and the home of the Wild West Extravaganza! While everyone is joyous and enjoying the festivities, Jenna is forced back on the hunt for suspects to clear her Dad from suspicion of murdering Sylvia Gump. But as Jenna soon finds, it is hard pinning down the murderer when everyone seems to have a reason for dumping Sylvia in a bonfire.

Merry is back along with the rest of the cast of characters that make up Crystal Cove and this book is really heating up the series! This is another fabulous addition to the Cookbook Nook series. While you can read this book as a standalone, you should start at the beginning to do the story lines and characters justice. Speaking of characters, they go through a lot in this book, partially in part to a surprise character showing up and throwing everyone for a loop. This story line was so well written I was completely immersed and went though a whole range of emotions. I admit there was laughing, anger and even some tears. This book really does have it all and to add even more reason to read it, the mystery is well written and you will be kept guessing about the whodunit of the story right up until the end, just like I was!

Overall, all I have to say is why aren't you reading this book right now? All kidding aside, this book really is the best in the series so far and leaves me anxious to get my hands on the next book! It also always leaves me with a long wish list of cookbooks that I need to go buy myself.

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Reviewed 2016