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The House of Eyes
Wesley Peterson - Book XX
Kate Ellis

Piatkus (Little, Brown)
4 February 2015/ ISBN 9780349403083

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


When a man reports his daughter missing, it looks like she has merely gone off to London to pursue a modelling career. But when the man is found murdered in the grounds of the luxury Eyecliffe Castle hotel where his daughter was working, it begins to look more suspicious. Wesley’s archaeologist friend Neil has met the photographer who worked on the missing girl’s portfolio while working on a dig in Sicily, and when he returns to a dig in the grounds of the same hotel, he unearths evidence of more crimes. Meanwhile Wesley has problems of his own at home.

No year is complete without the latest instalment of the Wesley Peterson series and I always find myself wishing they appeared more frequently. Despite being police procedurals, there is nothing standard about them; the author weaves a link between present day and historical events and is adept too at depicting modern Devon. This time the modern murders link back to disappearances from the 1950s, an old Grand Tour journal from the 1780s and farther back into Sicilian history. In the present day, Wesley’s family has an all too common nightmare to endure, Rachel anticipates her wedding and Gerry continues to recover from his attack of two books ago. Expect many plot twists and the usual involving story, a mixture of the familiar and the bizarre. If you haven’t read any of this series, you are in for a treat, but you will need to start at the beginning with The Merchant’s House so you don’t spoil part of the series‘ strength, which is the characters. Highly recommended.

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