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Husband in Hiding
The Undeafeated Detective #1
Karina Bartow

Blue Boot Books
ISBN 9780996676137 /
Mystery / USA / Deaf Detective

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Karina Bartow's main characters are husband and wife Wes and Minka. When the author shares their background throughout the storyline, readers will find they're a likeable couple who are meant to be. Minka is a detective in Ocoee, Florida. She's deaf and uses a Cochlear implant to hear. Her partner, Detective Cael, is Wes' brother. Wes wants to teach in Texas. Minka's not sure; she really enjoys her job. Her current case is a kidnapped point guard from the Florida Basketball team, Magic. We discover from the time he was young, Wes has had this inner need to protect Minka, so he decides to play amateur detective. He keeps it secret and puts his life in danger. Minka doesn't take it well. Minka may be deaf but she speaks quite well, and when she's not happy with Wes she reverts to Sign Language. When the case becomes even more dangerous, the couple is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. Once you get to know the characters and their story, you can't help but feel for them. In the end, only a miracle or great detecting can save them.

Husband in Hiding is a rare treat for those who enjoy a clean mystery. It's well-written, the storyline flows and the characters are well-developed. If you like Hallmark mystery movies, you will feel right at home with Husband in Hiding.

Husband in Hiding is available Blue Boot Books. I hope the author eventually creates an ebook format at Amazon and lists her books at, so everyone can enjoy her work.

Reviewed 2016