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Journey to Munich
A Maisie Dobbs #12
Jacqueline Winspear

March 29, 2016 / ISBN 978-0062220608
Historical Mystery / England / 1930s

Reviewed by Rick Morelli


The latest Maisie Dobbs novel by Jacqueline Winspear, Journey to Munich, finds our intrepid private investigator on an undercover assignment on behalf of the British Secret Service. Although not the first time she has been on such a mission, it is a changed Maisie Dobbs that journeys to Nazi Germany in early 1938 at the point Germany is annexing Austria.

What I have always liked and appreciated in this and previous novels in the series is the focus on daily life and changes in Britain, Maisie's life following WWI, and how Maisie navigates through these changes while dealing with her own personal challenges. I see Maisie as a more assertive person as a result of personal tragedies and her involvement in the Spanish Civil War that preceded her current mission. This novel also marks a shift from the prior novels focusing on the years following WWI and to the verge of WWII.

I found Journey to Munich to be a strong character-based story told from the perspective of a well-educated and self-assured single woman who continually searches for meaning in what she does or plans to do. The novel gave me an opportunity to see the differences and outlooks of both Britain and Nazi Germany in the run-up to WWII. While not creating the dark and foreboding atmosphere of pre-WWII Europe that Alan Furst is well known for, Winspear does a good job describing the horrors and repression that gripped Nazi Germany in 1938 from Maisie's perspective. Her calm and determined demeanor provides a contrasting foil to the ruthless SS officials she must deal with. One of the novel's subtexts threading throughout the narrative deals with the British decision makers Maisie meets or works with -- men who were fully aware of Nazi Germany's true political intentions.

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