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A Killer Kebab
Greek to Me Mystery, #3
Susannah Hardy

November 1, 2016/ ISBN 9780425271674
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth/Women Sleuth/Culinary

Reviewed by Katrina Wiese


The Bonaparte House has closed for the season and with the tourists out of Georgie's hair, it is time to get the bathroom renovations underway. However a small snag in the shape of a dead body is thrown into the game when Georgie finds her lawyer dead in the rubble of the bathroom. Georgie must think fast to finger the murderer before she finds herself with the same fate!

This is the third book in the Greek to Me mystery series, and I have wanted to start this series since I saw the cover of the very first book, Feta Attraction. I knew that I just had to read this book and review it! I was not disappointed in the least! This book is jampacked with action and drama and kept me on the edge of the couch the entire time! I missed out on some of the regulars who star in the book, but their lack of "screen time" doesn't diminish the story, as a backup cast steps forward to propel this story at a terrific speed. I know that I must go back and read the first two, because I can't wait to "meet" those characters, especially Jack and the ex! Along with the mystery of this book I also enjoyed the smaller mystery of the original Thousand Island Dressing recipe. It was fun to get so much backstory and history. Don't miss out on this book, you will regret it. Also, don't miss out on the recipes at the end of the book, they are sure to transport you straight to Greece. I know I can't wait to mix up the All-Purpose Greek Style Seasoning and Thousand Island dressing! And if you are interested in history, check out the Author's Note about Thousand Island dressing!

Reviewed 2016