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Christopher Farnsworth

William Morrow
August 9, 2016 / ISBN 978-0062416407
Technothriller / Psychological Thriller

Reviewed by Richard Morelli


Killfile, by Christopher Farnsworth, is a fast paced fantasy adventure novel set in today's world of cutting edge technology companies and secret government agencies, with added flashbacks to the 2003 Iraq war. The hero, ex-CIA agent John Smith, has a powerful and secret weapon - the ability to read people’s minds near him, and his ability to manipulate those peoples’ minds to generate their uncontrolled actions. This serves as a means to give John an advantage in the various confrontations in which he finds himself. Written in the first person from John’s perspective, I found myself deep in the thoughts and emotions of an individual not quite at ease with his mind controlling abilities.

John is hired by a billionaire software executive wanting to use John's supernatural mental abilities to retrieve surreptitiously stolen software code from a competitor, and soon John finds himself on the run, evading the security people from the company that has the code. The ensuing chase is quick and exciting, inter-dispersed with recollections by John when he was with the CIA and involved in the darker aspects of the Iraqi invasion and the interrogation of captured terrorists. These recollections serve as basis for how John discovered and used his mental abilities, and how they were exploited for intelligence gains.

I found this more than a typical contemporary action novel, and soon got into John's emotions and conflicts as he evades his pursuers. To gain an advantage, John calls in favors from some of his contacts in the underworld to survive and evade his pursuers. It's a moral boundary he can cross easily to gain the upper hand. The narrative is laced with humor, especially when John reads the minds of people, revealing everyday thoughts that pass through our heads, to which most of us can relate.

Reviewed 2016