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Killing Thyme
Spice Shop #3
Leslie Budewitz

October 4, 2016/ ISBN 978-0425271803
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth/Women Sleuth/Culinary

Reviewed by Katrina Wiese


Welcome back to Pike's Place Market in Seattle and the aroma-filled series based around Pepper Reece, owner and proprietor, of the Spice Shop. In this highly-entertaining installment we find Pepper, busier than ever implementing a new Bridal Registry in her shop, as her Mom drops in for an unexpected visit. When an old friend from the past turns up in the Market and then is discovered dead, Pepper strikes out to find the murderer. As more family secrets come to light, the question becomes, "has a family member or friend gotten themselves into a situation that ended in murder to cover up a two-decade old secret?".

I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite series, as the author is amazing and each book is better than the last! I love the premise of this series and each book I read entices my senses more and more with all of the spice and food talk, making me savor every word. This series is filled with delicious morsels; from the wonderfully-developed characters to the equally entertaining story lines. I also love the relationship between Pepper and her Ex, Tag. I love that Pepper is a 40-ish year old woman striking out on her own and finding herself again. But, is it bad that I am still rooting for Tag to win Pepper over? This book also had something rare that most cozies don't have, a mystery that I didn't figure out! Be sure to pick up this book, or even better the entire series. You won't regret it! Oh and don't forget to check out the yummy recipes at the end of the book, they are mouth-watering like always!

Reviewer Notes: Author of the Food Lovers' Village Mystery Series

Reviewed 2016