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The Last Mile
Amos Decker #2
David Baldacci
Read by Kyf Brewer, Orlagh Cassidy

Hachette Audio
04/19/2016 / ISBN 9781478930006
Suspense / Federal Law Enforcement / Audiobook – Unbridged / Includes bonus MP3 Edition for easy download

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Amos Decker, a very unlikely hero by looking at him, is back, and I’m thrilled. Decker suffered a tragic hit on the professional football field. Afterward, he was diagnosed with hyperthymesia. He has a perfect memory and sees numbers in colors. Colors tell Decker a lot. The color blue means death.

It’s New Year’s Eve and Decker’s heading to Virginia and his new job. It’s an FBI task force made up of civilians and agents with various skills. A recent acquaintance, journalist Alexandra Jamison (Memory Man), is joining Decker on the team. Their boss is Special Agent Ross Bogart. Decker’s unique memory makes him a valuable asset, and maybe a target. Also on the team are clinical psychologist Lisa Davenport and FBI agent Todd Milligan.

Decker tells Bogart about a case, and they agree to present it to the new team. Decker’s case is Melvin Mars, a popular football player on death row. They vote to investigate Mars’s case, but not all are happy about it. The new team suffers egos and growing pains; one can only hope it’s not at the expense of a team member.

Melvin Mars is on death row for murder, but an interesting change puts his case back into the spotlight after 20 years. Mars first comes across as a violent criminal with a lot of negative energy, but once he’s released and joins Decker to find the real killer, you see a glimpse of the man his mother raised. They delve deep into Mars family to see why his parents were murdered. Was it jealousy, revenge, racially motivated? Just when you think you have the answer, it’s jerked away. There are a lot of close calls and twists that will blow you away.

Kyf Brewer joins Orlagh Cassidy as narrators of the audio version. It’s a riveting listen. For me, hitting the stop button wasn’t an option. The audio version stayed with me long after it’s over.

Baldacci’s Amos Decker Series is one of kind. You’d be fool to miss it.

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