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Mrs Jeffries Wins the Prize
Victorian Mystery #34
Emily Brightwell

Berkley Prime Crime
03/01/2016/ ISBN 9780425268117
Mystery / Cozy / Historical / British

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Mrs Jefferies and her band of sleuths are always at the ready. This time they’re hunting the killer of Hiriam Filmore. He was delivering orchids to Helena Rayburn, a member of the Royal Horticultural Society, when he was murdered in her conservatory. His murder has left Helena’s guests in shock, and Helena seems a bit put out. She just wants the Inspector to do his job and get his officers out of her conservatory. Helena and her guests are members of the Orchid and Exotic Plant Society, and each is in search of the award winning orchid. The Inspector notices some odd details and a long history between the ladies. The Inspector questions the staff and follows leads, while Mrs Jefferies and her staff search for clues and run down rumors, but it’s Constable Barnes who asks the pertinent question that “sets the cat amongst the pigeons.” In the end, it’s quite the showdown.

Brightwell is generous with the amount of suspects, clues and twists that seem to make Mrs Jefferies Wins the Prize a tad more complicated than past mysteries. Wins the Prize is number 34 in the series and Victorian times are achanging. Brightwell is an expert in blending it all into the storyline. The characters’ voices, as well as the busy Victorian sounds of the streets echoed in my mind as I closed the cover.

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