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No Cure for Love
Peter Robinson

William Morrow
February 16, 2016 / ISBN 978-0062405104
Stand alone Mystery / Thriller & Suspense / USA

Reviewed by Rick Morelli


Peter Robinson is a best selling, award-winning author who, among others, has won the Edgar Award, the CWA (UK) Dagger in the Library Award, and Sweden's Martin Beck Award.

Peter Robinson, best known for his DCI Banks mysteries, has released his 1995 No Cure for Love, originally published in Canada. No Cure for Love is a fast paced police procedural mystery that captures the Los Angeles entertainment business atmosphere in the mid-1990's. The plot centers on a rising British born TV actress who is being stalked by a person bent on doing anything to prove his love for her, including murder. One of the major currents in the story is the British actress adapting to life and the pace of LA while struggling to bury her previous life.

What I liked about the story was its fast paced plot, crisp dialog and very believable characters -- from the detective to the show business personalities. This is a tightly woven story told from two third-person perspectives. One is the main flow of the narrative primarily involving the actress and detective working to solve the stalking. The other is from the perspective of the stalker, who provides the story with its eerie focus on the obsessive nature of a stalker. The suspense is maintained until the very end of the story.

The interactions among the characters are well grounded in reality and very believable. There are no heroics, no unnecessary romantic sub-plots, and no over wrought dialog. The readers of the DCI Banks series will be happy to see the identical well-developed character approach to the story.

Although written only about twenty years ago, the Los Angeles that Robinson describes seems a bit more distant than one would expect. Robinson captured a 1995 Los Angeles that existed before the Internet, cell phone proliferation, movie streaming & cable channel explosion made the entertainment industry a more fractured and complicated business than in 1995.

Reviewed 2016