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NYPD Red 4
NYPD Red #4
James Patterson / Marshall Karp
Narrated by Edoardo Ballerini

Hachette Audio
01/25/2016 / ISBN 9781478928072
Suspense / Detective / New York / Audiobook - Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Patterson and Karp bring fans the fourth title in the NYPD Red series. Detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald return, and they’re still with the NYPD Red taskforce. Red is a special department that handles cases involving the rich, powerful and politicians.

In this storyline, the bad guys aren’t the only ones you’ll dislike. NYPD Red’s new case is a murdered celebrity and her missing jewelry. The detectives move between celebrities and the underworld. The callousness of the characters involved in this part of the storyline is disturbing. Their second case is missing medical equipment, which gets stranger and stranger as the storyline moves. The mayor wants them to solve the thefts before panic arises.

You’d think two cases and a mayor making demands would be enough to keep Zach and Kylie busy, but no…. These two get along for the most part; Kylie is brutally honest and Zach likes to keep it light. Unfortunately, their past relationship tends to interfere with their current relationships. Zach’s latest girlfriend, a psychologist, moves in with him. In less than a month, she discovers Zach spends more time with Kylie than her, and she’s ready to move out. Zach and Kylie both bring relationship ills to work and, as a reader, it’s getting a bit tedious. Still it’s part of the series and what makes Zach and Kylie who they are.

Patterson once again partners with Marshall Karp. They make a great team. Actor/narrator Edoardo Ballerini is also a partner in this successful series. Ballerini is the voice of the NYPD crew. He successfully brings out the worst in the bad guys (and gals) and the heroics of Zach and Kylie. Patterson’s traditional short chapters and mini cliff hangers keep NYPD Red fans successfully engaged. NYPD 4 is another entertaining listen in the NYPD series. Don’t miss it. There is plenty of violence and profanity, so remember those headphones.

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