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The Other Half
Mulholland / Strand Magazine Short
Colin Dexter
Read by Graeme Malcolm

Hachette Audio
06/07/2016/ ISBN
Mystery / British /Short Story / Audiobook – Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Hachette audio is releasing some popular Strand Magazine Short Stories in audio. I think it’s a great idea; nothing better than a short story while doing chores. The better the story, the quicker time flies.

Told in first person, The Other Half is a charming story about an older private investigator who is short on investigations. A suspicious wife calls him; she’s sure her husband is cheating on her with a young woman at his office. They speak over the phone first. He investigates her husband, but feels like he’s being played so he meets with the wife to share the news. Needless to say the outcome is not at all what we expect. The Other Half is an amusing listen.

You can view the Mulholland Books’ Strand Originals short story series at

Reviewed 2016