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Paws and Effect
Magical Cats Mystery #8
Sofie Kelly

Berkley Prime Crime
October 4, 2016/ ISBN 978-0-451-47216-8

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Kathleen Paulson is the head librarian in small-town Mayville Heights. Her boyfriend, Detective Marcus Gordon, is just one of the many people she has gotten to know since she came to town, and it is these people who keep her there. Well, of course, the library and her magical cats, Owen and Hercules, are major factors, too! The fact that she keeps getting involved in murder cases is beyond the pale, but the fact that with a little help from her friends, from Marcus, and from Owen and Hercules, she’s been able to solve several cases makes it all worthwhile.

That is, until Marcus himself becomes a murder suspect and is suspended from the police force! Marcus has unexpectedly run into three old friends who are visiting the town to work on finding a way to stop a land development project. One of them is murdered, and someone has set Marcus up to be the fall guy! Kathleen knows this is different from any of the other cases she has been a part of, and this time, she is ready to put everything on the line to save the man she loves. She will have to do it without his help, though, as Marcus admits he is holding something back; a secret that is not his to tell.

I continue to adore this series and am thankful for this new book. While I can’t deny that the cats, special powers and all, are my favorites, I enjoy the relationships between the humans as well. I love that they are still taking care of a feral cat colony and that friends and lovers all stick together through thick and thin.

The who and why of the murder are indeed a mystery, the town is the cozy setting, there is warmth, love, friendship and humor, and a library! What more could a mystery reading addict want? Paws and Effect is a spectacular book, simply a delightful and enchanting read!

Reviewed 2016