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Private Paris
Private / Jack Morgan #11
James Patterson / Mark Sullivan
Read by Jay Snyder, Dion Graham, Jean Brassard

Hachette Audio
03/14/2016 / ISBN 9781478928065
Suspense / Private Eye / France & USA – Audiobook/Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Patterson’s Private Paris opens with a man named Epée defacing a Mosque. Epee is a graffiti artist, and his name means Sword. He’s agenda is to complete 50 tags (AB-16). We witness the first two in the intro. Meanwhile, Jack and his friend, Louis, are discussing Parisians, and their need to be rude. Louis is retired from La Crim, an elite investigative force. He now heads Jack’s Private Paris office. During their break, Sherman Wilkerson, (Private L.A.) calls Louis about his daughter. Louis wants to hire Private Paris to protect his daughter, Kim. She’s in her thirties and missing in Paris.

Louis and Jack get to work and actually find Kim. The problem is, they can’t keep her. Just when Jack thinks he’s convinced her to go home, she disappears. Whether it’s her fear of the drug dealers or the strange need to get back to the eccentric group of people she’s running with is what keeps the audio playing. The job of hunting Kim down, again, leads Louis and Jack into the Paris nightlife, where they meet up with some twisted characters. I had the urge to clean my ears out with soap after listening to certain sections. The second thread in the storyline has to do with the deaths of Paris elites, and this is where the tag AB-16 and Epee come into play. The co-authors do well in tying the threads together.

Patterson and Sullivan’s goal is to entertain readers/listeners, and that’s just what they do. Once the action starts, it doesn’t let up -- fast cars, explosions, snappy dialogue, sex, murder, and mayhem. Patterson fills the storyline line with his well-known mini cliff hangers as well as the legendary French nightlife gone mad. Readers/listeners will not be disappointed. Fair-warning, there are sections of this storyline that are beyond X-rated.

Actors Jay Snyder, Dion Graham, and Jean Brassard narrate the audio version. You will see as the scenes move and the dialogue flows, that these gentlemen are an audiobook crew to be reckoned with; they match each other in every scene.

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