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Quick Walk to Murder
Jessie Murphy Mystery #2
J D Daniels

Savvy Press
December 6, 2015/ ISBN 9781508823070

Reviewed by
Jen Oliver


Quick Walk to Murder reintroduces Jessie Murphy, a local artist, who finds herself caught up in another local murder mystery. This one involves the murder of the son of a local crab farmer family. Jessie involves her best friend, Zen, and her trusty gargoyle, Gar, to help solve the murder and meet some of the more underlying local characters of Pine Island.

The characterization of the characters is not too in depth. The plot twists are simple, and some are not needed. It seemed that some twists were just thrown in to take up pages. It is a quick mystery read that could only take place where southern crab fishing takes place, so the setting was great. The details about the setting and culture were simple and not overwhelming, which adds to the easiness of reading the book.

Overall, if you are looking for a quick murder mystery read, Quick Walk to Murder will fit that expectation. It does have some very unique characters, which add to making it a fun read, and makes readers question if these type of people really exist-they do.

Reviewed 2016