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Raging Heat
Nikki Heat #6
Richard Castle
Read by Robert Petkoff

Hachette Audio
10/14/2014 / ISBN9781478932529
Suspense / Detective / New York / Audiobook - CD - Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


For those who aren't familiar with the ABC TV show Castle, the Nikki Heat series is written by the series character Richard Castle. This series is more intense than Castle. There's plenty of action, language, violence and sex, but stops short of X-rated. I do not think Castle fans will be offended in any way. NYPD homicide detective Nikki Heat doesn't really associate with fellow Detectives Ochoa and Raley. Ochoa and Raley are partners but not as close as their characters on the TV Show. Nikki's boyfriend is a well-known journalist Jameson Rook. In this storyline, he shows up with a different take on Nikki's case - a murdered immigrant. They share Intel, of course, and at some points work together, but there are also times when Rook takes advantage of Nikki, and she seems oblivious because her mind on is their future - will he or won't he pop the question? I'm not a fan of Rook. The author tries to make him funny, but Rook's wise-cracking comments just don't ring true for me. He lives large and enjoys showing it, and he also takes advantage of Nikki's job and resources. The other person interfering with Nikki's case is her boss; when the case points to a wannabe politician, Nikki's boss gives her a harsh reminder about promotions and how they actually work. Nikki is dying to make captain; will she shift the direction of the case for a promotion? Readers/Listeners can expect some interesting twists and plenty of action. Castle's Kate Beckett is proud of Nikki, especially when Nikki is kidnapped and does her best to escape, and, of course, her reward at the end of the novel.

Stage Actor and Audie Award winner, Robert Petkoff gives fans a noteworthy reading of Raging Heat. He replaces narrator Johnny Heller in both the Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm series'. Petkoff narrates both fiction and nonfiction titles.

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