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The Readaholics and the Gothic Gala
Book Club #3
Laura DiSilverio

August 2, 2016/ ISBN 978-0-451-47085-0

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Amy-Fay Johnson is a member of the Readaholics book club, as well as an event planner whose latest assignment is coordinating the Celebration of Gothic Novels in Heaven, Colorado. It will be a weekend event with several authors, readers and even uninvited guests. There will be an auction and even a story contest.

The Gothic themed costume party is sure to be a hit, Amy hopes, despite a few problems at the story writing contest. Yet it's not every costume party that results in someone yelling “Catch that nun.” Nor does one expect to see an officer of the law working a crime scene while dressed as Batman. Murder is afoot making this gothic scene even spookier than it was already!

Amy-Fay and the Readaholics must pool their talents to suss out the killer before he or she strikes again!

There's nothing quite like a cozy mystery with a Gothic feel to it. The author has a flair for setting the atmosphere to draw the reader into the midst of the mystery. While I wish I'd already read the two previous books in the series, this was fine as a standalone read. I really liked the book a lot and highly recommend it to cozy lovers. Especially if you have a taste for the gothic in you, too!

You'll find yourself wanting to turn page after page as you delve deeper into the mystery that unites Gothic classics with modern small town mysteries. Delightfully eerie, set aside a rainy gloomy weekend to read this one!

Reviewed 2016