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See Also Deception
Marjorie Trumaine Mystery
Larry D. Sweazy

Seventh Street books
May 10, 2016/ ISBN 9781633881266
Mystery-Cozy, Amateur

Reviewed by Jen Oliver


Marjorie Trumaine finds herself involved in another strange death—this one about the local librarian. Marjorie is the only one that thinks that someone murdered Calla and that it was not a suicide like everyone believes it to be. She finds the one clue that could prove that it was murder and not suicide. Can she convince Deputy Reinhardt to see things her way?

The characterization of Marjorie is true to the 1960’s stereotypical wife who is set to take care of her ill husband, work and maintain the household. Sweazy does a great job incorporating the attempt to solve the mystery with Marjorie’s everyday life and the threats that occur because she will not leave Calla’s death in peace.

Overall, See Also Deception is a fun mystery with enough plot twists and solid characters to make it enjoyable. The first sentence immediately grabs the reader and forces them to read until the last page. This is a must for the cozy mystery fan.

Reviewed 2016