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Song of the Lion
Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel #3
Anne Hillerman

Harper (HarperCollins)
April 11, 2017/ ISBN 978-0062391902
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Police Procedurals

Reviewed by Linda Morelli  


In Song of the Lion, Officer Bernadette Manuelito is at Shiprock High School when she hears a blast outside. She discovers a fiery car in the parking lot. Not soon after, medic Byrum Lee discovers an injured man who may have placed a bomb in the car. FBI Agent Cordova arrives to investigate and informs Bernie that Aza Palmer is the car’s owner and likely target. A lawyer, Palmer has had previous threats against his life and will serve as the upcoming mediator at a meeting for a multi-million-dollar development planned at the Grand Canyon. While developers are hungry for their plans to become a reality, several Native American tribes view the land as sacred. Discovering who has targeted Palmer will be difficult, as many factions view the attorney as being biased.

Bernie follows clues to learn more about the young man who has died and another possible suspect seen at the bombing site, while Chee is assigned as bodyguard to Palmer – a position he resents, especially since Palmer doesn't want his protection. Lt. Leaphorn helps Bernie in the case and, recognizing the last name of the dead young man, searches though records of his old cases.

Although Ms. Hillerman’s previous releases didn't replicate the fast-paced mystery and tension of her father’s books, all of which I've read and loved, her reputation as an award-winning author is especially clear in this latest release. She’s brought back characters I liked from the series, such as Dashee, Bernie’s mother and sister, and has introduced minor characters who add dimension and intrigue to this excellent and complex mystery. Ms. Hillerman’s descriptions of the scenery and Navajo everyday life, tribal lore and traditions added a richness to the story that had me savoring every scene and learning about Navajo customs, while contributing to the superb mystery and perilous ending. Truly an exciting read.

Reviewer's Notes: Anne Hillerman is the bestselling author of Spider Woman’s Daughter and Rock with Wings. Song of the Lion is her third novel and the second in the series, the first being a continuation of the Leaphorn & Chee series. All are excellent mysteries set in Navajo lands.

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