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Spells and Scones
Magical Bakery 6
Bailey Cates

July 26, 2016/ ISBN 9780425279410
Mystery/Paranormal/Amateur Sleuths

Reviewed by Katrina Wiese


Magical baker Katie Lightfoot is more than willing to provide her delectable goodies when the book store next door has an acclaimed radio show host and author, Dr. Dana Dobbs, booked for a signing. But the event doesn't go as planned and the author is found dead before the event wraps. But when the prime suspect is named and Angie Kissel, a former witch and Mungo's (Katie's dog) previous familiar needs Katie's help clearing her name, it will take more than a nudge from Mungo to clear Angie's name and find the real killer.

I have to say, after reading the last book in the series, Magic and Macaroons, I was a bit worried reading this book, as the last book seemed a bit dark and lacking the magical spark that makes this series wonderful. But I am glad to say that Katie Lightfoot, Mungo and the Honeybee Bakery are back to their magical wonderful selves! This book was packed with the greatness that has made this series successful, especially little Mungo. He definitely stole the show in this book. And let's just say that I was so excited for the cliffhanger on the last page! I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book in the series!

Don't miss out on the yummy recipes in the back of the book, they never disappoint!

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Reviewed 2016