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Spouse on Haunted Hill
Haunted Guesthouse Mystery #8
E. J. Copperman

December 6, 2016/ ISBN
Mystery/Paranormal/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Alison Kerby has no trouble remembering that her ex-husband, Steven “The Swine” Rendell is a con-man and a good-for-nothing liar. The problem is, she knows he does love their daughter Melissa, and the odds are good that he didn’t really kill anyone. Yet when her daughter returns from a week in California, spent visiting her dad, Steven comes with Melissa and, as it turns out, a “collection agent” is on the same plane, with the aim of getting Steven to cough up the four hundred thousand dollars he owes to an “investor” in one of his latest schemes.

When the collection agent, Maurice DuBois, is shot to death and Steven is the prime suspect, Melissa is on her father’s side. The ghosts want Alison to start an investigation. The police want Alison to leave it to them.

Whether Steven is guilty or not, Alison knows she has to put Melissa first and that means using every available resource to get to the truth. This includes her resident ghosts Maxie and Paul, her own father (also a ghost,) and her mother, very much in the land of the living. So what is Alison to do???

I have to say that I am so pleased that this series gets better and better with each book. I can’t stop reading; I can’t stop telling people about the fantastic book I am reading. Then, in all honesty, when people ask if they can borrow my copies of previous books in the series, I have to say “No. No, just no!” I can’t risk not seeing them again, and frankly if they go buy their own it will help the author and the publisher. That’s a good thing, especially for the author.

E. J. Copperman (aka Jeff Cohen), wherever you are, thank you for this wonderful book, wonderful series and how you put me as a reader right in the middle of the action without missing a beat, here, and every single time you write a book!


Reviewed 2016