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The Taxidermist’s Daughter
Kate Moss

William Morrow
December 20, 2016/ ISBN
Suspense / Historical / England

Reviewed by Carmen Ferreiro


Connie does not remember anything before the moment she fell downstairs ten years ago, when she was twelve. She knows back then, before they moved to the small village by the sea where they live now, her father was doing well and owned a museum where he kept his creations. But what happened the night of her fall and the reasons for their moving, she can’t recall. Lately, as his father drowns his sorrows in alcohol, Connie has taken up his work: preserving birds as they were when they were alive.

When, early in the story, the body of a woman is discovered near their house, Connie’s memories start coming back. She feels that somehow the woman’s death is related to her past and to her father’s mysterious behavior of late. With the help of Harry, a young man from the nearby city who has come to the village searching for his own father, Connie will fight to prove her father’s innocence and stop the chain of murders that follow the first. Powerful men will fall as the story unfolds, a story as mysterious and dark as the birds that, as the story begins, flow to their death on Saint Mark’s Night, the night legend tells those to die in the coming year will see their fate.

Although the pace of the story drags a little at times, I read on for the mystery and because I loved the setting: a bleak landscape of flat marshes only a storm away from being flooded by the unforgiving tides. A setting so powerful that it feels like a character.

Reviewed 2016