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An Unhappy Medium
Family Fortune # 4
Dawn Eastman

April 5, 2016 / ISBN 9780425282809
Paranormal / Mystery / Cozy / Women Sleuths

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Former cop Clyde Fortune is helping her nephew, Seth, plan a Zombie Fun Run to raise funds for an animal rescue league. She's also secretly taking lessons from an experience psychic, hoping to control her burgeoning psychic abilities. Her police detective boyfriend, Mac, is aware of Clyde's abilities, as most of her rather complex family are psychics.

Clyde's older sister, Grace, and brother-in-law, Paul, arrive in town with their daughter, Seth's sister Sophie, after several years' absence. Grace explains that she and Paul are in trouble, and asks Clyde and Mac to become guardians to Seth and Sophie, should anything happen to them. Soon after the Zombie Fun Run is finished, Grace's ex-fiancé, Derek, is found stabbed to death. Mac investigates the death, but the fact Derek is wearing the same pirate costume as Paul leads Clyde to wonder if Derek was truly the intended victim.

When Grace and Paul explain why the two mysterious men in town may be hired killers after them, Clyde and Mac agree to be guardians to Seth and Sophie. Soon as they sign the papers, Grace and Paul disappear, and a boat they took bursts into flames. Though they searched the lake, the police conclude Grace and Paul are dead. But little Sophie is certain her parents are alive. If the boat explosion was a ruse to escape being murdered, why are the strangers still following Clyde around town?

An Unhappy Medium is an excellent cozy with all the elements of a thrilling suspense novel, including ominous motives, dark family secrets, and missing diamonds … and that's just for starters. Dawn Eastman has once again written an extraordinary page turner, alive with unique and amiable characters, a masterful plot and an exceptional mystery that kept me entranced for hours. Don't miss it.

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Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2016