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A Wee Dose of Death
ScotShop Mystery #2
Fran Stewart

01/05/2016 / ISBN 9780425270325
Mystery / Cozy / Paranormal / Ghost / Humor/ Contemporary

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Winter, murder, and mayhem have settled once again upon Hamelin, Vermont. The snow is tempting for everyone. Police Chief Mac is off skiing, and ScotShop owner Peggy is enjoying a little winter exercising with her fourteenth-century Scottish companion and conscious, Dirk. Dirk is a ghost Peggy picked up when she purchased an antique shawl. He's thirtyish with a brogue so thick the r's roll romantically off his tongue. He's handsome and forever in a kilt. Even dead he's irresistible.

When Dirk hears Mac cussing in a cabin, he prompts Peggy to check on the Chief. Mac and Peggy have a history of dislike going back to grade school. Peggy refuses, and Dirk, as always, pricks her conscious and makes her mad. The storyline then moves away from the cabin, which had this reader wondering if Mac would meet the same fate as the last cabin visitor. His murder is the mystery Peggy and friends try to solve. Later, poor Dirk suffers the consequence of Peggy's wrath as she rolls up the shawl and sends him to the unknown for a couple days.

Peggy's friend Karaline runs the restaurant across the street for Scotshop. She sides with Dirk when it comes to Peggy's lack of empathy for others and rescues him. Karaline takes the lead with Peggy in this mystery. The two get caught up in the mayhem when a murder victim's wife calls for help, but neither anticipated risking their lives. Officer Harper appears as suddenly as he left in the last mystery, but is pulled away from his budding romance with Peggy to solve a recent murder. With everyone going off on their own someone is bound to get hurt….

Fran Stewart gives armchair sleuths multiple mysteries in this storyline. The one involving Harper's dad has only just begun. Peggy and Dirk's new fans can expect a murder mystery worth solving plus more. The humor continues with these two along with a few growing pains. The ScotShop series - like a handsome Scotsman - is something you just can't resist.

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