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Agatha Raisin and the Witches’ Tree
Agatha Raisin Mysteries – Book XXVIII
M C Beaton

Constable (Little, Brown)
3 October 2017/ ISBN 9781472117229

Reviewed by  Rachel A Hyde


Returning home from an awful dinner party the new vicar of Sumpton Harcourt and his wife spot something hanging from an old tree. On getting out of the car for a closer look they are horrified to see that it is local woman Margaret Darby, but why would anybody want to kill her? Both the police and Agatha are soon on the case.

Twenty-eight books in this series and it is still going strong; the cover even has “Queen of the Village Mystery” on it. I tend to agree, as no year is complete without a taste of this talented author’s enjoyable mixture of mystery, humor, and satire. Vicar Rory Harris and his glamorous wife Molly hope that the village is going to be a rural idyll after their ghastly London parish, but quickly find a gloomy place filled with surly locals. Retired diplomat Sir Edward Chumble hopes it will be like living in an Agatha Christie novel, but not in 2017! What ensues kept me on my toes guessing as the bodies pile up, satisfying my main desire when I read a mystery novel of it being mostly filled with detectives detecting. It is also very funny as Agatha chases the men, worries about old age and her weight and copes with Charles, James, Simon, and Toni in various ways. As with any series novel it is always enjoyable to read about what the characters are up to and watch them change and grow, and Ms Beaton manages all this and more in an admirably economical number of pages. Somehow she keeps it all seem fresh and bright, and I look forward to novel #twenty-nine.

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Reviewed 2017